Fidelia's Sisters is turning two!

Watch out, world; Fidelia’s Sisters is entering its terrible twos! We trust the year ahead will not involve too many temper tantrums—though the occasional spirited argument in the comments section of an article is always welcomed.

In the last year, we said goodbye to Kate Smanik Moyes, our assistant editor whose job change and new responsibilities demanded her attention. We welcomed Lara Blackwood Pickrel, our new editor for the Divine Details column.

We thank all of you who wrote for and read the e-zine in the last year. We editors are continually impressed by the quality of submissions and the interesting conversations that happen in our comments section and about articles on the Young Clergy Women Community Ning! boards.

The editors of each section have chosen their favorite articles from the last year, which represent the breadth and width of the experiences of our community.

In The Single Rev’s Guide to Life, an anonymous author addressed the biggest taboo of young single clergy women—the fear that comes with the belief that you might be pregnant—in the article “Aborting God.” In her article “In Touch”, Melissa St. Clair wrote poignantly about the loneliness of being ill and single.

Julia Seymour wrote a beautiful Holy Week meditation about being a pregnant pastor and the wife of a deployed soldier in her article, “For Deployment and For Stateside” in The Ones We Love column.

Sarah Kinney Gaventa wrestled with the idea of discerning her call when her husband got a call to seminary in “All in the Family” in Divine Details.

Ever wondered what being a foster parent is like? Then read Patricia Watson’s funny and heart wrenching, “Being a Foster Parent” in Moms in Ministry. Also in Moms and Ministry an anonymous author discusses the pain of struggling with infertility while being such a public figure as a minister in, “Clergy Women and Infertility: Breaking the Silence”.

A spirited debate about whether Edward and Bella’s relationship was a controlling, abusive one makes “The Twilight Series” a good read. Want to spice up your Christmas playlist? Then check out all the favorites found in “Singing Glad Tidings of Joy.” Both can be found in last year’s new column, The Jesus Review.

Unexpectedly evoking controversy was Rebecca Littlejohn’s “New Hymns” in Sunday Morning and Beyond. Rebecca wrote new lyrics for the hymn tune, “Austrian Hymn.” While her lyrics were universally admired, the tune itself—also used for the German National Anthem—provoked discussion.

Finishing out our editor’s picks for the year are two articles about two creative women. Bromleigh McCleneghan writes about how her primary calling as a writer gets integrated into her life as a pastor in, “Still a Writer” in Called and Sent. MaryAnn McKibben Dana interviewed artist Suzanne Stovall Vinson in an article for Christ and Creativity. Suzanne and MaryAnn discussed the creative process and what life as an artist and a minister is like for Suzanne.

What was your favorite article from Fidelia’s last year? Let us know by posting in the comments to this article. One lucky winner (chosen at random) will win a $50 gift certificate for Chalice Press books!


My favourite article was Jessica Rivera's reflection, 'Wearing the Robe'.

The poem deeply spoke to me and encompassed a number of the issues that I struggle with both personally and professionally.
At the present time, I am working towards a qualification in counselling and found myself warming to the deeply congruent nature of this article and others published in Fidelia's Sisters.

Jessica's reflection now graces my office wall!

I was deeply touched by the article "For Deployment and For Stateside." I read it and reread it during holy week.

I deeply appreciated "Clergy Women and Infertility: Breaking the Silence". The recognition of many diverse needs and cares within a community is something that we clergy do, and well I hope. The pains and longings we silently carry bring my eyes to tears. The courage and naming that took place in the article was direct & moving.

Even though I'm not single myself, I really appreciated "Dinner for Two." It was a good reminder of how complicated boundaries are, and how easy it is for our care to be misinterpreted.

Patricia Watson's "Being a Foster Parent" is the article I've returned to the most this year. It has helped me recognize more of what adoptive/foster parents in my congregation are experiencing (and helped me ask better questions with them).

Grace at the Graveside is definitely one of my favorite posts because it captures my feelings of having a funeral on the second day of my brand new job!

Two of the women ministers on staff with me are unable to have children. So I found "Clergy Women and Infertility: Breaking the Silence" extremely powerful as it named something that so often is a silent and private heartbreak.

I always find myself returning to the thoughts expressed in Called & Sent's "Paradox and Patience: Lessons from Senior Adults." It rings true in a ways I never would have expected in my ministry.

I really appreciated the honesty of the author writing about the painful call process (a 2-part story), and the one on Clergy Women and Infertility.

I enjoy reading all of the articles, and greatly appreciate the honesty and openness that is embraced by the authors. That being said, the one that sticks out in my mind the most is by Patricia Watson - The Holy Spirit lives in my Mattress!

It simply sums up every Saturday of my life - My Saturday afternoon nap puts everything into perspective, and I have unabashedly borrowed her catch phrase to explain this phenomena whenever people vicariously stress out for me and my unfinished sermon!

I especially loved Stacey Midge's sermon "In Sickness and in Health." Such a honest and forthright sermon on a timely topic. Would have loved to hear her preach this one!

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