About Fidelia's Sisters

Welcome! Fidelia's Sisters is an online publication by, for, and about young clergy women, with new material appearing on a rotating schedule over the course of a month. We publish short stories, visual art, poetry, liturgical resources, personal essays, reflections, interviews, book reviews, and more. We strive to be a space where some of the professional and personal issues that young clergy women face are addressed with honesty, all the while recognizing that no one "kind" of young clergy woman has a monopoly on who young clergy women are.

The name "Fidelia" comes from the Latin word meaning faith. We use it to celebrate those pioneers who were the first women ordained in North America, including Antoinette Brown Blackwell, Olympia Brown, Anna Howard Shaw, Ella Niswonger, Louisa Woolsey, and Fidelia Gillette. Though our contexts, theologies, and experiences may differ dramatically from these women, we thank them for going before us, even as we seek to minister in Christ's church and to the wider world in our own unique ways today as young clergy women.

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Ann Bonner-Stewart, Founding Managing Editor
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